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At Eco Pousada Teju-Açu, the priority is in sophistication. Our kitchen is based on a contemporary gastronomy, with special touches. At our place, we have an organic garden that offers a custom menu with selected and fresh ingredients. We opt for making appropriate plates for our guests, as well as a refugee life, with products that privileges our spot. Not for guests only, the restaurant attends visitors with some attention, concerned and warmth that those who are staying at Teju, becoming one of the strongest tourist places in Noronha. The menu also contains natural, organic and unique ingredients.

Teju-Açu Restaurant

In case you are not a guest, It requires previous bookings.

Opening hours:
- 12pm till 3pm - Lunch
- 7pm till 10pm - Dinner

(81) 3619-1369 (81) 3619-1277