Fernando de Noronha's MAGIC The Island

Considered mundial patrimony by UNESCO, Fernando de Noronha's archipelago has the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. With a restrict number of visitors, you can enjoy and have fun peacefully, no rush, with a nice and unforgettable feeling of privacy and exclusivity. Known as one of the most searched destiny places in the world, the island offers perfect days with exclusive food, beautiful beaches, boat rides, sports and ecological trails combined. You will feel in constant touch with nature, and may find dolphins, turtles and the most diverse ecosystem ever seen on earth, as well as at the sea.


Having the sea as your biggest attraction, choose which beach or bay you will visite is impossible. In Brazil's direction, you can find a series of 13 beaches and bays, called “inside-sea”. One of its principals, Dolphin's bay, doesn't allow visitors. Most part of the year, you will find a quiet sea, that is protected from the wind. It allows the access from a beach to another, providing a nice and unforgettable tour. At “inside-sea”, you can find only 4 beaches, one cove, two areas of contemplation and a nice group of pools at the rocks. Squirts, big areas filled with colorful shoals and huge aquariums, ready to be part of your adventure.


At Eco Pousada Teju-Açu, the priority is in sophistication. Our kitchen is basead on a contemporary gastronomy, with special touches. It our place we have an organic garden that offers a custom menu with selected and fresh ingredients. We opt for making appropriate plates for our guests, as well as a refugee life, with products that privileges our spot.

Not for guests only, the restaurant attends visitors with same attention, concerned and warmth that those who are staying at Teju, becoming one of the strongest tourist places in Noronha. The menu also contains natural, organic and unique ingredients.


In sports, there is a diversity that attends any kind of athlete and even the curious ones who want to learn to adventure in new places. With annual surf dates, and others stuff, this destiny is a full place for those who feels the heart beats stronger and stronger due to the emotion and adrenaline that practicing or watching sports offers.